where im at in 2017

I cant say I love life.  It is so blah.

Work, eat, sleep.

I love kitty more than ever.  He is what keeps me going.

I need to work to put a roof over his head, feed him good food and pay his vet bills.

Kitty isnt getting any younger.  17 this year.

I dont know what will happen when he goes.  There isnt much else keeping me here.

The thoughts of death are not as constant, but they still creep in regularly.

What is the purpose of this thing called life???

It’s just so pointless.

Humans do not make life any easier.

Im on holidays at the moment.  It’s nice not to have to get up to an alarm everyday and be able to nap, go to the beach, hang out with kitty when I like.

I wish I could find motivation to do anything.

Hopefully Dad pulls through after his stomach was removed in November, I get a job in the restructure and bf keeps his mood under control.  Next time will quite likely be the last time, after last month.