Xmas is Near

Xmas will be a nice, warm sunny day this year.

We just bought outdoor furniture, so we can have it in the backyard.

A couple of friends and their son are coming over for dinner.

We havent had people over before, so it will be good.

We are having Jamie Oliver’s Empire Chicken.  This is very tasty.  Bf is cooking this.

I am making home made beetroot dip, carrot dip and spinach dip.

I am also making a light starter of chorizo, squid, chick peas, tomato, olives and some other yummy ingredients.

I also tried to get Neo into the Xmas spirit, see pic below.  He was a very good model.  I expected him to shake it off immediately.

Neo's Xmas


I hope you all have a happy and peaceful Xmas and if youve been good, Santa brings you nice gifts.


the first couple of weeks

The Xmas and New Year break went too quickly, as usual.  BUT it was a nice relaxing break.  bf was at work, so the kitties and I chilled at home.

The weather this Summer has been SO much better than last year.  A little too hot at times, but I prefer hot to cold.

The first couple of weeks back at work have been OK.

With the promotion to Team Leader,  Im not having to do support calls all day, which I am enjoying.

It hasnt been overly busy, as it has been school holidays.  The little loves go back to school today, so the traffic will go back to normal (crap) and the little loves will be on the bus making lots of noise and messing the bus up.  How I have missed them!  NOT 😐

I am still doing some though, as Im still waiting for the guys in the team to get the extra access, so I can train them in the new tasks they will be doing.

We have been fencing more often.  My poor body was hurting all over after three days of fencing and I slept like a log.

My depression has still not come back, which is a relief.  It is so much better not thinking about death all the time.

I hope you all had a nice break over Xmas and New Year too 🙂

xmas & new years

I guess I had a break from blogging as well as work over the Xmas/New Year break.

Work asked us all to have two weeks off and it was a much needed break for me.

bf was working through this period, except for the public holidays, so I got a lot of me & kitties time.

I didnt achieve much, if anything, but I think that was what I needed.

I slept a lot, watched movies and did things around the house.  I hardly ever left the house, unless we had something planned with friends.

Santa was good to us.  My new Kindle Fire is great and bf loves his new light sabre.  He is such a “man child” at heart.

bf ‘s grumpiness continued until we had a talk.  He told me the “little things” I did that annoyed him.  It took a bit of encouragement to get it out of him, but it was good to know, so I dont do them anymore and  make him grumpy.  They were only “little things”, but I get that “little things” can hit a nerve, so they were easy things to rectify.  If he never told me I would keep on doing them and annoy him more.

Since that chat, the old bf is back.  What a relief!  I hope it stays this way, because we generally never argue and get along quite well and make each other laugh with the silly things we do.

But the holidays came to an end 😦 and am now back at work.