what to do

I have been interested in writing a book for quite a while, but have a foggy brain and no motivation.

Im trying to decide if I should enrol in an online writing course next year, but also wondering will I have the motivation to do it.

A psychologist I saw a few times this year believes I have PTSD from the two armed robberies I was in, in 2006.

Due to this I have made my world smaller by cutting out activities I used to do eg. fencing, going out, parties, and not leaving the house much, so as to feel safe.

Home is my safe place.  I wish I never had to leave it, EVER.

A result of doing this is making my mind bored and is partially the reason I am depressed.

She told me of a PTSD clinic at one of our universities and I have been on their waitlist for a few months.

I have my initial appointment in January to see if I meet the criteria to be able to do the program.

I have bought a couple of books online about writing.  Maybe if I can motivate myself to read those, maybe I can motivate myself to the do the online course.




I managed to get out bed today and go to work.

It is a great day outside and I find if I have a day off work, it gives me more to do the next day.  I like to be busy and its really not that busy, so I get bored.

I really need to get back into writing my book.  I havent written anything since the end of August.

I have been slightly addicted to reading everyones blogs whenever I can.  It takes up a large percentage of my spare time.  I just cant seem to read enough.

I also havent touched my phone app creation, since I started reading blogs as well!

Sleep, read blogs, read blogs on the bus,  work, read blogs, work, read blogs on the bus, home, read blogs, sleep etc. etc.

Must organise myself better!  lol



my attempt at my first book – a biography

This is the link to my attempt.


I hope you find it interesting.

There are only two chapters at the moment, so I have a long way to go.

I will add more over time, if I can peel myself away from all your great blogs 🙂


This is my first attempt at a biography of my experiences with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicide and seizures throughout my life. Im hoping others will find comfort in knowing they are not alone and there are people out there that will listen and understand with no judgement. I dont yet have a title for my book and I may make changes to posts, as memories come back to me or I believe I am changing it for the better as I go along.

no writing & no blogging

I havent posted anything or done any writing since last week!

I have been too busy reading other people’s blogs.  I read one and then get a link of another blog off that one and then another link.

There is so much to read and so many interesting stories!

I just cant seem to get enough.  My brain just wants to soak in more and more and more.

And everyones updates are also keeping me out of trouble.

I have hardly looked at Facebook, watched TV or even thought about the next chapter of my book.

I think I have kinda caught up on most blogs recent updates and will read their archives over time.

So, hopefully, I can attempt my next chapter of my book.

Thank you all out there for giving me so many great and interesting blogs to read.

All of you take care and happy blogging!


blogs, blogees, bloggers and blogging

I have only been blogging for a few weeks now.

It is an amazing community of great people and great blogs!

It has opened up a whole new world for me.

There are so many people blogging with the same and similar issues as me.  I am finding these blogs so helpful and interesting.

Some also dont have these issues and I am finding your blogs interesting too.

Regardless, there are so many interesting blogs to read.  So many great blogs and so little time!

I am loving all your blogs and trying to keep up with them all.

And I appreciate your interest in my blogs and hope you find them interesting.

I think its also helping me with my writing.

Thanks everyone and take care.

Kat 🙂

started writing

Well I have started writing.  I have written two chapters.

I was right.  Once I start writing a chapter, I slowly get on a roll and it just keeps coming.


I have many more chapters to go, but at least Ive made a start.

Im assuming people reading this blog, can also see I have another blog, which is the beginnings of my first attempt at a book.

I hope you find it interesting, as I add some more chapters.

It is nice knowing people are interested. 🙂