low thyroid

I started to read a book on Food & Mood and have ready other information on the internet re low thyroid.

I have had my levels checked and it is in the “average” range.

Where does this range come from?

What is the range?

When did doctors last update these levels?, as these “average” levels do not work for a large portion of the population.

Can they revisit these levels and see that they are not suitable for a lot of people?

If your levels are in the “average” range and you still have all the symptoms, do doctors not investigate further or realise that these levels dont work for everything and try you on a course of medication to see if it helps?

I talked to my doctor about my thyroid levels and asked him if I could try a course of medication to see if it helps, as I dont think the “average” levels are for everyone.  So he has given me a lose dose medication to try.

He said it cant hurt, as a lot of women as their doctors for the medication to lose weight.  (I didnt know that).

I guess it fastens their metabolism and helps them lose weight???  I havent lost any weight yet, but that was not my purpose, I just want to have energy like everyone else, as all I do around work is sleep.  Losing a little bit of weight would be a bonus though!

I have been on them for 1.5 weeks and this week I am finding it easier to get up in the morning,  not needing to nap for 2 – 3 hours after work, sleeping better and am more alert during the day and it hasnt even been 2 weeks!

I know it takes about 1 month for it to take full effect, so here’s hoping that the way Im feeling improves and remains.

AND Ive even done three blogs this week!!! and read some as well!!!

Watch this space…



i did it!

I actually did the next part of the Couch to 5K app!

Im not sure what came over me, where the motivation came from.  I wish it would happen more often.

I found another song to add to my treadmill songs.  It is an Australian group called Justice Crew.  They started off a a dance crew, but have released a single.

I burnt 450 cals in half an hour.  Not bad, as Michelle Bridges says you should burn 500 cals a day and eat 1200 cals a day.

I wish I had the willpower to eat less than that, so I could lose weight quicker.  I only want to lose about 10kgs.

Im not sure what I way, because Im too scared to get on the scales to see how much weight I have put on.

Well my four days off turned into 5 days.  I didnt go to work today. 😦

All I can think about is sleep, sleep and more sleep.

I wish I didnt think about it so much.  It is like I am obsessed with if it was a good sleep, a bad sleep, was it enough sleep.

I went to bed about 10:15pm last night and slept well, but could not get out of bed and slept until 11:30am ish.

I am always tired and so sick of it!

But other than that today was a nice, relaxed day with my kitties.  Lovely weather.

I watched the first episode of Dexter Season 7 and the first episode of the latest season of Criminal Minds.

I also read a few blogs, I hope to catch up one day.  Im not neglecting anyone, I just cant keep up!


skinny love

Well Im certainly not feeling it.


I just seem to getting bigger and bigger.

Clothes are getting tighter and tighter.

Im feeling fatter and fatter and more uncomfortable and more uncomfortable. AND crapper and crapper.

When Im at work I do alright with my eating.  At the mo I eating :

Breakfast – Miso soup and green tea.

Morning – 2 x white teas, 1 x carrot, 6 x cherry tomatoes, 6 x cos lettuce leaves, sometimes a few sticks of celery.

Lunch – 1 x celebrity slim shake in 600ml water or a tuna sandwich on multi grain bread

Afternoon – 1 x yoghurt or piece of fruit

When I get home – usually 2 x toast with Vegemite and maybe a slice of cheese on top.

Home is where I have the trouble.

Dinner varies.  Last week was quick, not so healthy food.

I dont seem to have any strength at home OR motivation to exercise.

I am doing fencing once a week at the moment and we are going to try and keep doing the kung fu, when we find out what our new fencing schedule will be when we go to the next level in 2 weeks (if I pass the comp).

Need my motivation to come back.

I never used to have to worry about weight, but now I cant stop growing outwards ! 😦

It’s not doing my self esteem and confidence any good.  I walk around looking at the ground.

I catch people looking at me in the street and I swear it has to be because my jeans must look too tight 😦


If I was asked what I like about myself, I wouldnt say I like much at all.

I often wonder what my bf likes about me.

He says he likes me, but I dont know why.

My forearms are  thin, but I dont think much else is very nice.

I have put on about 10kgs in the last 12 months and it is the heaviest I have ever been.

I have put on a whole dress size.  I am 6ft and can pull it off to a certain degree, but I feel so fat.  I am now a size 12.

I feel so unattractive.

If men or women look at me in the street, I think they are looking at me because there is something wrong with me.

I wont look at people in the eye in the street because I feel so unattractive.

I feel ugly and fat.

I still have my old favourite jeans when I was my ideal weight of about 63kgs and now I am just over 70kgish.  Im not sure what my weight is exactly anymore because I dont want to weigh myself.

I try to eat right and not eat naughty things, but I often do because I want something yummy and comforting.

I dont drink much, but when I do I feel the need to get drunk.  Im not sure why.  I assume it is so I can feel free and not remember.

I dont know.