can i risk another one

A couple of weeks ago I sent in an application to volunteer at the Cat Protections Society.

They have emailed me back and put me on a waitlist.

Its quite popular to volunteer there, it seems.

In the email they also suggested volunteering in their Op Shop.

It means dealing with money.  I am quite apprehensive to do this, as money attracts criminals that rob you for money.

Im not sure if I can work somewhere, where there is money and risk a third robbery.

I really dont want to put myself at risk, but I would also like to help them.

I think I am going to have to decline and just wait until they have a vacancy working with the kitties.



Geez I have some issues.

No wonder I dont like myself.

Seizures (in the past thankfully) and hope they stay that way.  I still think it is a possibility though.



Panic attacks



Not attractive

Ive put weight on but have no motivation to do anything about it

Crap memory so cant sit exams for work (I failed the last exam twice and still havent passed it) and work paid for the course twice.

No libido

Crap at saving money