At some point in the PTSD session this morning, the psychologist asked if I could buy an insurance, what would you want it for.

Bizarre question I know.

I wished I could buy an insurance that could erase the memory of the robberies and it would assure me that it I would be safe from these kind of situations for the rest of my life and I wouldnt remember them.

If I could just erase those two robberies and lose the fears my brain has created since.

If only…


i have such a crap memory

Im currently tapering down from 200mg of Pristiq by 50mg every five days and when I get to 50mg, I am to add 25mg of Allegron and up by 25mg every week, until I get to 150mg.

Trouble is, I was to go down 50mg on Saturday and Im struggling to remember if I should be at 150mg or 100mg.

I THINK I took 100mg on Saturday and 150mg today, but probably should have been 100mg, as Im pretty sure I went from 200mg to 150mg last Monday.

My mind is so foggy.

Lucky for me, I can still find my way home, drive and remember how to do my job when Im at work.

Im not sure how I remember to do anything.

Im not sure what the cause of my crap memory is either.

Stress/Anxiety? Medication? Depression?

I wish I did know, so I could rectify it and my memory would be as good as it used to be.

It is because of my memory, that I dont do technical courses anymore, because I cant study and/or remember things to do the exams.

If I could, I would have been a lot further in my career by now.


low thyroid symptoms

How Many Symptoms Of Low Thyroid Do You Have?


Many people don’t realize the extent that the thyroid can control you. Just have a look below at this list of symptoms of low thyroid:





I have highlighted the ones I have.

Memory Problems
Depression – has improved with my new medication
Trouble Thinking Clearly
Swelling of Tongue
Sleepiness– has improved with my new medication
Fatigue – has improved with my new medication
Dry Skin and Brittle Nails
Dry Cracked Heels
Muscle Weakness
Loss of Sex Drive
Heat Intolerance
Excessive Hair Loss
Thinning Eyebrows
Hoarse voice
Constipation – has improved with eating Sultana Bran everyday.
Easily Startled
Insomnia – has improved with my new medication
Irregular or Heavy Menstrual Periods
Muscle Cramps  – I have started taking Magnesium at night, so my leg cramps have subsided.
Weight Gain
Inability to tolerate cold
Inability to tolerate heat
Snoring – bf hasnt told me I dol

While you may not have all of these symptoms at once, if your thyroid is left untreated you could experience most of these eventually. If you have been experiencing as many as 3 or 4 of these problems on a regular basis, I would highly recommend that you go have your blood work done.

This disorder affects approximately 13 million people around the world and it is believed that the numbers are much higher than this. Many more people are simply undiagnosed. so it could very well be the reason behind your sluggish days of feeling bad. Just pick out two off this list and that makes for a rotten day, can you imagine the way it feels to have more symptoms.

Information was found at



or lack of…
With my battle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, my memory is crap.

I used to be able to memorise pages and pages of information when I was studying for exams.

Now I cant.  I work in I.T. and normally a lot of people in I.T. would study and sit certification exams to keep up to date with new technologies.

I sat an exam twice in for the same subject in two years and just failed by one question both times.

I just cant seem to concentrate properly and retain the information I need to retain.

This is making my life difficult and making it hard for me to get ahead in I.T. because of this.

I have to do a VMWare course in October, which comes with an exam for the VCP and I dont know what to do.

And the closer it gets, I guess the more anxious I get, so wont succeed.

I have bought a self hypnotherapy CD that I found online today that is supposed to improve concentration and memory, but I have to say Im not overly confident.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions???  If so, I would LOVE to hear them.

I used to get Distinctions, but even just a pass would be a good start at this point.

I think if I can pass one exam, that will probably give me enough confidence to do more exams.