a suprise in my inbox

As I was sorting through my inbox I found two awards!

Two nominations for the One Lovely Bog Award from Anxious Elephant and alwaysallegoric .  Thank you so much 🙂

Here are the rules:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2.  List seven random things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

14 Things About Me (as I was nominated twice) :

1.  No.1 is always going to be how much I love my kitties – Neo & Morpheus.

2.  Byron Bay is one of my most favourite places to visit.

3.  I learn fencing.

4.  I am just starting to learn kung fu.

5. Summer is my favourite season.

6.  I think Paris is the most beautiful place in the world (at night).

7.  I have just transitioned to the dark side (Apple Mac).

8.  I love the Japanese culture.

9.  I have travelled to Sth. Africa, Mauritius, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Bali, Thailand (twice), Japan and New Zealand.

10.  I love my new blog friends and the support you all bring each other, including me.

11. I work in I.T.

12.  I think pensioners in Australia deserve a better pension, as they have done their bit for the country and deserve it.

13.  My favourite computer game is Manhunt.

14.  I love sleep.

Now for my nominations, it is hard to only pick 15, but here goes :
1.  Seeking Africa

2.  Forcing Myself Happy

3.  Persephone Ascends

4.  Infinite Sadness… or Hope?

5.  The Quiet Borderline

6.  Recovering Anorexic

7.  Riding the Wavez

8.  Emily Cooks Vegan

9.  Simple Cherishes

10.  Cristian Mihai

11.  BipolarandBreastless

12.  Bipolar, Actually

13.  Cauldrons & Cupcakes

14.  Seasons of April

15.  midnightdemons7

I have picked people who werent already nominated by Anxious Elephant and alwaysallegoric, so picked some of my other favourites instead.

Thank you again 🙂

Happy blogging.












its days like today

I dont know why I bother.

I tell fellow bloggers to stay strong because I know how hard it can be.

I tell fellow bloggers that the kitties keep me going.  I want to really believe that today.  I do.

But what is the point?

I feel so unneeded.

I never hear from my family.  I say I dont mind, but I dont feel like they care.  I didnt talk to my Mum every week, but I knew she cared.

I miss her.

Im in the too hard basket and I guess they are in my too hard basket.

Work sucks.

The two contractors keep me out of everything and our teem leader is a contractor too.  Im permanent.

I feel left out and unneeded.  Im so bored.  It’s a pity we spend most of our life at work.  😦

After I had to take a lot of time off over a period of 18 months, it just got worse and worse and I became more and more left out.  The team leader wont say anything.  He doesnt like to deal with these kind of situations and neither do management.

Ive never done anything to them.

BUT, I have to go so I can support me and the kitties.  So there is no way out.

My health isnt 100% so I cant change jobs.  Im stuck.

I know my post is a “poor me” rant, but I feel like crap and have noone I can tell.

What does one do?

I have one answer…