We went to brekky at Deus with a friend we dont get to see to often, as he is married with a child.  The food is OK there.  I dont think I have had a soft poached egg there yet, but the boys like the Deus Ex Machina shop next door.  They sell custom made motorbikes and clothes.

After brekky, I went to get a much needed massage.

To my surprise the masseur was a guy.  This made me feel quite self conscious, as I have a few small scratches around my shoulders and my arms, from me scratching when stressed, which is often.  The bonus was he had good firm hands.

I find it really hard not to scratch at my shoulders and arms.  It is soooo hard not to.  I try really hard and just when the scratches are nearly all gone, I make a mess of them again.

Afterwards, I went home and relaxed for a bit and had a nice nap.  It was one of those maps where I didnt have to set the alarm to get up.  I woke up when my body had what it needed.  Kitty stayed with me to have a nap too.  My beautiful baby 🙂

Then I was off to meet bf at a pub across the road from the fencing centre to have dinner with some other fencers and to say goodbye to our English fencing coach, who we will hopefully see later in the year, if we make it to Scotland, England and France later in the year.



Sunday was a good day.

We were woken up early by a text from a married couple (early being 8am – for us that is early!, especially on a Sunday).

They were both sick and wanted to know if we could take their 2.5 year old to the park. He loves the park and I think they wanted to be able to rest in peace, even if only for a couple of hours.

We had a brekky booking that was already paid for, so we went and had a Turkish breakfast in Glebe, picked up a few things from Coles @ Broadway, as planned.

Then we headed over picked up Ari and walked to the park and chilled at the park with a could of coffees from Petty Cash cafe across the road.

He had a big swing, rode the zebra, climbed on a rope climbing thing, ran around the grass and played in the bark, which he seemed to like the most whilst watching other kids. It was nice to chill in the sun playing with Ari or watching him play in the bark. It must be what they have instead of a sandpit.



We would have stayed longer, but as we missed fencing on Thursday, we went on Sunday afternoon to catch up. Our comp. and grading is next Sunday, and I am nervous and not very confident. I dont look forward to people watching me. Ive never competed in front of people since high school.

bf says my main issue is my confidence, as I can doing all the fencing moves, but lack confidence. I have none. That is normal for me.


After fencing, we went home and had late lunch, did a few things around the house, had a nice hot bath and relaxed. It’s been ages since we have done that.

By then it was dinner time. Had dinner, watched Homeland (I downloaded it during the week, so had seen it). Its not a bad show. It has potential.

Then off to bed.

Now its Monday. Ive had my miso soup and have my green tea. Have my rabbit food, apple and yoghurt for today and now have to go and get ready. Yay! 😦

My stomach is sore. The Pristiq I take is blocking my insides up and even after taking laxatives is not playing ball very well. I will have to take some more tonight. Ive only really been once since Wednesday. Poor tummy 😦

Have a great Monday everybody!



long weekend coming up!


I have a half day tomorrow and then three days off 🙂

bf has to work Saturday, so I still get “my alone time”.

I think we have brekky with a friend we havent seen for ages on Sunday.  Still havent had confirmation from SMS I sent them earlier.  So typical of X.

I loooove brekky food. 🙂

Other than that, we are planless.  Oh, and go to Bunnings to see if they have the big light bulbs for the tiny terrariums.

The weather is going to be about 20 degrees.  Average, but that’s OK if its not raining.

Not sure what I want to do or what we can do.  Hmmmm….

Anyone got any exciting plans for the weekend?