so much to do

Everything is going way to fast.

I dont know where all my time goes.

Other than work, dinner, shower & bed, I dont know where it goes.

I will be doing three Xtend Barre classes a week, but I still want to read a book a week, like I was doing for the last three months of last year.

I havent done much blogging or  reading this week.  I want to read more of your blogs.

I like to read other people’s blogs, too see what everyone else is up to and to see how you are coping and how you cope.

I want to study this year, but my brain is still to foggy for that.

Monday night is recovery night after the first day of work of the week.

Tuesday will be Xtend Barre at 6.15pm and then go home, shower, eat and probably go to bed early.  bf will be at fencing.

Wednesday, bf goes to trivia with the boys.  I used to go, but a couple of them ogle at women like theyve never seen legs or skin before.  Theyre married and they make it seem like theyre in prison.  I think they should think what it would be like married to them!  Theyre nice guys, but really…

Wednesday will be Xtend Barre at 7.30pm.

Hopefully the PTSD programme will help with this.  I think tomorrow is week 3 of 10.

They use cognitive thinking methods, to help train the thought process to go through a more positive process.

Last night I did the 7.30pm class because we were meeting a lady that might clean our apartment, as we dont have a lot of spare time and I dont want to do all the cleaning.

I managed to sneak in a 45 minutes – 1 hour power nap before the class.  Im sure I could use that hour better with blogging or reading.

Thursday would be a good night for studying or blogging.  Blogging only at this point, until the fog subsides.  Some Thursdays I will meet up with some of the girls that dont go to fencing much either anymore and have some bouts of fencing.  Maybe every second Thursday, depending on who is available.

Friday is both of our nights off anything, so we will chill or go out to dinner.  Last week we went to a new Japanese place.  It was good, but did not beat our favourite.

Saturday is my sleep in morning until 11am and then off to a Barre Camp class for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  After that if the weather is good I will do some washing and hang it out and tidy up a bit.  During the week we tend to not put everything away, bf is the  bigger offender of this.

I sit in the backyard and get some sun if the weather is good.  I could then blog or read or if I could ever study again, study.

Saturday night is either chill or go to dinner if we didnt on Friday.

On Sunday I have been making the effort to get us up early and we go to feed the ducks at the Park and have an egg & bacon roll and a coffee or go to a cafe for brekky.

Then for the rest of the day, bf might do some washing and I will do whatever.  I dont know where Sunday goes.

And then we do it all over again…


some motivation

One thing I have managed to keep on top of and been motivated enough to do is blog.

I hope things keep up, so I keep on blogging and reading your blogs too.

Im also up to book three for the year.  Yey!

catching up

I have recently discovered the “follow” by email, which is very handy so I am alerted when someone has posted a new blog.

Trying to keep up, well that’s another thing!

You all have so many interesting blogs.   (I wish some of them were fiction for you).

I am currently up to the 19th August, so only 5 days to catch up on.

This means sometimes I may comment on one of your blogs a little later than others.

But I will get there!

Happy blogging everyone 🙂

no writing & no blogging

I havent posted anything or done any writing since last week!

I have been too busy reading other people’s blogs.  I read one and then get a link of another blog off that one and then another link.

There is so much to read and so many interesting stories!

I just cant seem to get enough.  My brain just wants to soak in more and more and more.

And everyones updates are also keeping me out of trouble.

I have hardly looked at Facebook, watched TV or even thought about the next chapter of my book.

I think I have kinda caught up on most blogs recent updates and will read their archives over time.

So, hopefully, I can attempt my next chapter of my book.

Thank you all out there for giving me so many great and interesting blogs to read.

All of you take care and happy blogging!