no more animal cruelty posts for me

After reading the story about Marius the giraffe being slaughtered and seeing a pic of a dying polar bear in an Argentinian zoo, I just cant read anymore.

I wont be posting anymore of these kinds of stories either.

It pains me so much inside, that I sat on the couch and cried about it for too long.

I remember when I was little, Mum said if the Lassie movies upset me too much (like they did that day), that she wouldnt let me watch them anymore.

I find it very hard to unsee these kinds of images and forget these awful stories.

I know we all need to face the truth about bad things happening in the world, but I just cant deal with animal cruelty.

Im just not strong enough on the inside to deal with it.



in the wrong world


I feel that a too large majority of humans are not good people.

Humans that hurt other humans.

Humans that hurt children.

Humans that hurt animals.

There is a story on The Project (news shows in Australia) about some cleaners finding a one week old puppy in a skip.

Why would anyone do that???  Take it to a vet and say you found it.  Lie if you have to, just dont dump it and leave it to die!!!

I dont have children.  I think of babies as a blank canvas and as parents you can nurture that blank canvas in to happy adult.  But I read your stories and have  read so many books, blogs, news reports and seen so many things on TV,  that have made me realise that child abuse in whatever form is more common than I was aware.  Much too common.

I dont remember my childhood and am not sure why.  But, it makes me realise that I am luckier than a lot of people.

I had two parents and I think I had a fairly happy upbringing.  I was given some psychological issues later in life, but it could be or have been a lot worse.

I know there are a lot of good people and good things in this world.

It is a sad world.  Im pretty sure I was dropped onto the wrong planet.

Rant over.

meat free house

We are changing to a meat free house.

We havent thrown out the meat we have in the freezer, which isnt much.  We will finish it off and just not buy anymore.

It is for a combination of reasons.

– I love furry animals

– I have read too many animal cruelty stories online, which make me cry.  eg. PETA, WSPA, newspaper

I used to be a vegetarian for several years a long time ago and since then have only eaten chicken and beef.

I will still eat fish and some seafood, mainly when we go out.  I dont mind salmon, tuna and some white fish.

Only the kitties will be eating meat here.

The bf doesnt mind either, which will make it easier with the cooking.

There are so many yummy alternatives these days, compared to when I was a vegie last time and restaurants have some great vegie meals on their menus too.

It also helps that we both like vegetables, tofu and some other alternatives.