It’s days like today

I don’t know why I bother.

I tell fellow bloggers to stay strong because I know how trying it can be.

I tell people the kitties keep me going. I want to really believe that. I do.

But what’s the point?

I feel so unneeded.

I never hear from my family. I say I don’t mind, but I don’t feel like they care. I didn’t talk to mum every week, but I knew she cared. I miss her.

I’m in the too hard basket and I guess they’re in my too hard basket.

Works sucks. The two contractors keep me out of everything and our team leader is a contractor too. I’m permanent. I feel left out and unneeded. I’m so bored. It’s a pity we spend most of life there 😦

After I had to take a lot of time off it just got worse and worse and I’m more left out. BUT I have to go so I can support me and the kitties. The team leader won’t say anything. He doesn’t like to deal with these kind of situations and neither do management.

I’ve never done anything to them.

I know my post is a “poor me” rant, but I feel like crap and have noone to tell.


7 thoughts on “It’s days like today

  1. Oh dear! Indeed, it can very trying in certain circumstances and relationships, especially when people are not prepared to be understanding and to transcend their blinkers or limitations.

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