i dont understand

Ive always tried to do a good job at work and make my bosses happy.

I have recently realised that my previous boss, who I have always got on well with and she always came to me if she wanted something done, because she knew I would do it quickly.

A couple of months ago I noticed that she stopped giving me things to do, inviting me to meetings and including me in on things with the projects we had been working on.

I thought it was weird.

Ive always had an inquisitive mind and ask questions.  I like to understand how what we are doing works as a whole with other processes, applications and in the business.

I started to get the impression that she didnt want me to know too much.

I spoke to my bf about it a couple of days ago and he thinks that is because she is threatened by me and that is why she doesnt want me to know too much and probably thinks I want her job.

This didnt occur to me, but I guess it makes sense.

I never thought about wanting her job, I just wanted to do great work to make her look good and so she thought I was a good worker.

When I think about this aspect, it makes other issues in the past (with women mainly) at work, where women have tried to get me in to trouble, suggested I was sabotaging them etc., because I do things quickly and always had the highest resolution stats.

This has never been my intention, I just do things really quickly.  It’s not something I think about, I just do.

Im not sure it something I want to change, but maybe have to in order to not have people thinking Im working fast to make myself look good, so they dont.

I will never understand humans. 😦