work, i hate it

Since the merging of three departments and the restructure, I hate it.

The office politics in one of the departments was rife and they spend way too much time on stabbing each other in the back and who to get people into trouble.

I have been lucky we did not have much of this before the merger, so am not used to the stress it causes.

And the restructure taking more than a year and is still going, has not done much for my confidence or my colleagues.  A lot of my former colleagues either didnt get a job in the restructure and some that did have left anyway because of how poorly it was done and the negativeness from the one department that just like to cause trouble, not work as a team and not really wanting to do any work.

I already felt the start of the office politics and one of “them” trying to boss me around and tell me what to do, when I dont even work for them.

I had a month off work.  I just couldnt deal with it and having to work in an office with the troublemakers in a location much further away, AND changing drugs AND just wishing I could go to sleep and never wake up.


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