over humans & everything else

Since the restructure/merger at work, I hate going to work and a lot of the humans that we inherited from another department.

They are not nice people and a lot of my colleagues left or didnt get jobs in the restructure.

I think things are going to get much worse at work, before they get better, if they ever do.

The office politics that came with one department is too much for me.  I dont have the strength or energy for their shit and cant find another job until my health improves, if it ever does.

I dont think my bf is my forever human and feel so alone going through it all.


need to get everything in order

financials etc.

Lots of planning, so it doesnt leave too much work or mess for those left behind

Sell a property.

Set another property up as a holiday stay to pay our mortgages off properly

I still dont know who to put down as my beneficiary as on my funeral insurance, as I dont feel confident bf would look after kitty like I would.

And dont know whether to change the beneficiary of my Super to someone else or a charity.