Life is so blah.

The only thing I love in life is my kitty.

I only have one left.  I lost Morpheus a couple of months ago to a blood clot paralysing his back legs and then heart failure.

It all happened so quickly, it still doesnt seem real.

He was on my lap the night before relaxing and purring.  He was up and around for brekky in the morning.  I came home and I didnt notice anything was wrong until kitty dinner time, when I had fed them both and was cleaning up and he howled.  It was then I noticed he was dragging his back legs.

He spent the night on pain killers and under observation.  As his breathing had not improved we had to say goodbye.  My poor, sweet Morpheus.

Life was numbing before, and now more so.

Alarm, drag myself out of bed, work, home, sleep and repeat.



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