not too bad

My GP had gone on two months holiday and I was still having the odd panic attack.  At least two a week.

So I lowered my drugs by one pill (25mg).

About three weeks ago, I had a good day.

And then another.

And then another!

A small miracle has occurred.

The last three weeks I have been feeling mostly good, possibly even great at times.  Even maybe felt happy.

(Im attributing this to lowering my dosage and then the panic attacks stopped all together.)

Seven days in from my first good day, I had a day that I felt not so great.  My anxiety was making me feel like crap.

I had a late night the night before and a few drinks.  Not enough to be drunk, but more than the two I probably would have.

If I go to bed really late, I get to a point where I cant sleep and then my anxiety and panic kick in and I was only able to sleep 2 -3 hours in the very early morning.

So I lost the whole day.  I couldnt do anything or go anywhere.  All I could do was feel like crap.

I took a few valium throughout the day and couldnt sleep all day and found it quite difficult to sleep that night.

So I was very tired on Monday, but managed to go to work.

A major step forward for me, being able to go to work after a day of trying to control anxiety and panic.

I didnt feel great and didnt actually get a good night sleep until Tuesday night.

By that time I was exhausted.

Since then, I have been feeling pretty good.

I have had a few days over the last week, where at work, my head was foggy due to anxiety and I didnt get as much work done as I would like.

I think my anxiety increased due to some changes at work and my workload is increasing and will continue to stay at an increased level for a little while.

Today my head was foggy, so again did not get through as much as I wanted to.

Hopefully, on Sunday when I go in, it will be quiet, and hopefully I will achieve a lot more and it will make up for what I didnt get done this week.

So some good progress.

Im not quite there yet, but I feel more hopeful that I will get even better.

Im still always tired.  If I could not feel tired all the time, I would be at my optimum.

I guess anything is possible.





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