PTSD for the week

Over the last week, I didnt get to do my “homework” for the PTSD session.

I was supposed to go for a walk up to the local shops with bf, preferably more than once, and try not to assess everything so vigilantly.

We didnt see each other during daylight hours all week.

Saturday night we had dinner with a couple of friends, who had just come back from the U.S. and are moving out of Sydney any day now.

I worked on Sunday and bf went the fencing club and then to the pub, so I didnt see him until later in the evening.

I did an Extend Barre class on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

bf went to fencing on Tuesday and Thursday night.

And then it was Friday!

I didnt even get to do a “reliving’ exercise, where I sit alone somewhere and talk myself through reliving the first robbery.

I think this week is going to be just as difficult to catch each other in daylight hours to do a “practice” walk.


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