a busy weekend

On Saturday we went to a friend’s wedding.

We have know her for about 8 years and her “husband” is such a caring, loving and thoughtful man.

I can see the love and think they will last a long, long time.

The wedding was at a beautiful part of the Sydney Harbour on the North side of the bridge.


The reception was also a really great setting on an Arts Uni Campus.

As the reception started at 5pm, we were home before 10pm.

They had one of favourite kraft beers. I knew the groom had to have picked the beers, as they were all very unique beers.

I have never been a huge fan of dark beer.  White rabbit has a gorgeous, dark beer.

white rabbit

I had brekky with the girls on Sunday morning and then a stroll through the area.

We came across this amazing dog!

IMG_3399 IMG_3395










In the afternoon, we went to a bbq queue with some of the fencing peeps.

We played a card game that I have never heard before.

Cards Against Humanity.

An interesting game at a BBQ or and after dinner game.



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