not feelin so great

I worked today and it went to quick.

I was feeling so great when I finished and still dont.

I dont remember if I took my Allegron last night or not.

Im feeling very flat.

My thoughts have been quite negative.

I looks so unattractive, my thighs look really fat in my jeans.

Im wishing I didnt buy the Meet & Greet ticket to 30 Seconds to Mars movie Artifiact at the end of the month.

Maybe if I looked better I would.

But I dont and will feel so self conscious and ugly.

I feel so ugly.

Not going to Xtend Barre class on Friday & Saturday, is not going help my fatness either.

I really wish the pain would end.

I wish I didnt have depression and anxiety issues.

It would be nice to be normal.

I just want it to stop.



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