no more animal cruelty posts for me

After reading the story about Marius the giraffe being slaughtered and seeing a pic of a dying polar bear in an Argentinian zoo, I just cant read anymore.

I wont be posting anymore of these kinds of stories either.

It pains me so much inside, that I sat on the couch and cried about it for too long.

I remember when I was little, Mum said if the Lassie movies upset me too much (like they did that day), that she wouldnt let me watch them anymore.

I find it very hard to unsee these kinds of images and forget these awful stories.

I know we all need to face the truth about bad things happening in the world, but I just cant deal with animal cruelty.

Im just not strong enough on the inside to deal with it.



2 thoughts on “no more animal cruelty posts for me

  1. It’s great that you recognized this isn’t positive for you. Hope you feel better! Maybe read some stories of animals and humans doing amazing things together? I know that thinking about how far my cat has come since we brought her home from the shelter makes me feel happy!


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