60 day challenge – week one

Well week one is done.

I did the three classes, which is what is required for the Core level that I am doing.

Im so glad I did it.  I am finally doing some exercise other than with the couch.

On the couch, off the couch, on the couch etc. etc.

My muscles all over have been quite sore at times.  Some muscles in places I cant remember ever hurting before.

Ive been surprisingly good with the clean eating as well.

I was a bit naughty last night at my friends birthday dinner at a local pub that has nice food.

I had a steak, which is OK.

But I had my usual hot chippies with pepper sauce as well.  I didnt eat all the pepper sauce, it was to dip the chips in.

Hot chippies are my weakness.

It must be the English blood in me.  I looooove hot chippies and even better is a hot chip butty! Mmmmmmm mmmmm.

There are three levels for this challenge.

Core is the one Im doing.

It requires three classes a week.

I can have two coffees or tea a day and two alcoholic drinks a week.

No food with preservatives, no dairy or gluten.

This I can manage.

But I could not resist the chippies!

I also had a mini donut, which is what they brought for my friends birthday cake.

It was only a teeny one, but naughty all the same.

I will try harder next week.

There are no birthdays, so hopefully I will be safe!

The other levels of the challenge are harder (obviously).

The next level is four classes a week, one coffee or tea a day and one alcoholic drink per week.

The crazy level is five classes a week, no coffee! or tea! and no alcohol.  Crazy!

I think only one person is doing the crazy level from the Xtend Barre studio I go to.


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