this week has been a blur

I cant believe it is Friday tomorrow.

I manage to go to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I didnt get as much achieved on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The fog in my head came back, because Ive been stressing about the workload I have.

They take people away and give us more work.

I had a meeting with my new boss and he was very honest about what he said.

He said I need to go out to their office for meetings more.

I told him I dont have time, with all the extra work our boss has put on me and my staff.

He said not to stress, do what you can do and ask for help.

I admitted I didnt think I could ask them for help.

And to my horror I started to cry.  I never wanted him to see me being weak or that I cant take the pressure.

Ive been feeling to under pressure with positions being taken away and the work put on me and my staff.  More work with less people.

The week just flies!  I get up early and get to work between 7 & 7.30am, finish between 5 & 6pm.  Get home, feed the kitties, feed me, go to bed and do it all again.

This morning my whole body felt like the weight of lead and I couldnt get up.

Feeling the anxiety on this new drug is exhausting me.

I was watching a 5  day juice detox video and thinking about doing that.  Its supposed to improve your energy, weight and help clean up your insides.

Bf brought the subject up a couple of days ago.  There are some places you can buy detox packages of juice from, but they are not cheap.

I purchased an ebook that has all the recipes for a five day detox. You can buy a kit with it


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