60 day challenge

I started a 60 Day challenge on Monday.

It is with the Xtend Barre studio not too far from home.

xbarre xbarre2 xtend-barre-1I have to do 3 classes a week.

I did a class on Saturday with all the other people doing the challenge.

My poor buttocks, thighs, calves, waist, just about everywhere was sore.  So Im guessing my body is in shock as the only exercise it has done in the last 12 months is getting on and off the couch.

It started on Monday 10th February.

I have done one class this week.  One tomorrow night (instead of today, I didnt make it to work today) and one on Saturday.

It’s paid for ahead, so that one more incentive to do it.

Xtend Barre is a mixture of ballet barre work, pilates, yoga and aerobics.  It definitely targets all areas of the body, because some parts of body that have never felt from exercise before, I can definitely feel now.

It also includes clean eating.  😦

I have been good so far this week.  Ive only had one afternoon at work, when I was feeling pressured by my workload that I really REALLY felt like eating chocolate.

BUT I didnt.  Yey for me!  It was not easy.

Im into Day 4 and doing OK.  Not craving chocolate.

Weirdly, I am craving sultanas and I have run out.  I should get some with our Aussie Farmers Direct delivery tomorrow.

A little box of those is really what I crave.  Weird.

Wish me luck!


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