ptsd programme – week 1

This morning (Friday) consisted of more questions about feelings, thoughts, physical reactions etc.

I was feeling emotional when I got there anyway, so couldnt help but cry in the session.

The psych explained more of what techniques they would be using throughout the programme, which goes for ten weeks.

Some of the tasks involved dont sound like fun.

For example :

Describing the two armed robberies – there are quite a few blank spots in both armed robberies.  Maybe because I tried so hard to block them from the day they happened and the fact that I have such a bad memory, which I assume is due to anxiety.

Doing things that I now avoid because they make me anxious. eg. walking past groups of men, going out to meet friends at night time, going to the movies, concerts, places where there are a lot of people.

Things that sound simple to most people.  Things I avoid because of my fears.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time at home (my safe place) and have given up  things I used to do eg. fencing.

I dont enjoy things anymore.

Of course, they wont ask me to put myself in any danger.

This week I just have homework.  I have a table to fill out re any situations or activities that make me feel fearful and/or anxious.

I have a couple already.



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