i feel so alone, so isolated

Im still not feeling great.  I wish I could go back to feeling nothing, like I did on Pristiq.

Bf has not been having a great time at work.  People at work frustrate him at work for various reasons.

On Friday night after fencing, he went to the pub for a couple of drinks and then came home.

He was obviously moody and not talking and when I asked him something, he would either not answer or answer gruffly.

With my emotions all over the place, I started to cry and asked him why he can be nice to his friends and then come home and always be moody and gruff with me.

He said he acts that way in front of friends because he doesnt want them to know how he feels and what is going on.

I told him I didnt think it was fair that he was moody with me and started to cry, which is not like me at all to cry.

In the past, Ive sometimes wished I could cry, so I could pull the “cry card”, which seems to work for most girls.  But I never could.

He said nothing, except “I dont know what you want me to say” and said no more.

I went and had a cry on the back stairs, showered and went to bed.

I got no hug, no sorry, nothing.

I feel so alone sometimes, so isolated.

Im so depressed.


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