first day back at work

I actually slept OK last night.  It was the first night in ages, that I actually fell asleep fairly quickly.

I knew when kitty realised what was going on and that I was getting ready to leave.  I could tell by the look on his face.  Not long after I saw the realisation on his cute little furry face, he left and I didnt see him again before I left for work.

My head was extremely foggy this morning, so I had to take a couple of Valium to cut out some of the anxiety I was feeling.  It didnt get rid of it completely.

I was also feeling dizzy, which makes me bump into things and makes it a little hard to string sentences together.

Im assuming I was dizzy because of the drug changes Im going through, and assume it will go away when the drugs are more stable in my system.

I hadnt really missed having to catch public transport (buses) home.  The only bonus with the bus ride, is I get time to read.

By seven o’clock I was soooo tired


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