Today we woke up early for our appointments at the PTSD clinic.

It was the initial appointment to see if we met the criteria to be part of the PTSD programme at the university.

Before we went I was very edgy and agitated and found it hard to focus and hard to construct sentences, so I had to take a Valium to help myself calm.  I only had to take one, which was good, as I dont like to take them too often.

When we got a bit lost as the the campus is huge.  By the time we go there I was extremely hot.

Pristiq makes me get very hot and sweaty very easily.

Thankfully the psychologist found a fan, which would help me be able to relax more.

She asked me question up question (as they do with psych evaluations) for an hour and a half.

We both fit the criteria, but my psychologist has to check with her supervisor, if I will need to wait until I have transitioned to Allegron.  If so, I will have to wait for a few weeks until the medication levels have settled.

After we left, I was feeling a lot more calm and more myself.

So now, I wait until next week to see if I will start the programme at the end of next week.

Tonight has been a relaxed evening.  Bf has been at fencing and then going out to dinner with fencing people.  I didnt feel up to going, as it started at about 10.30/11.00pm.

I have watched a couple of movies.  Killing Time starring John Travolta and Robert De Niro – not too bad and The Best Offer starring Geoffrey Rush, this one was way better and interesting story.

Geoffrey Rush is one of Australia’s leading actors and has done some really great movies.

best offer killing season


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