challenges partially delayed

Well so far the challenges I mentioned in my post Challenge – A good start to 2014??? have not come to fruition.

I was going to start yesterday, as they are 30 day challenges and there are 31 days in January.

I slept really badly the night before and in the afternoon had to have a sleep, because I felt really, really crap and anxious from barely any sleep.

Sleep doesnt seem to like me very often.

I should have done the in the morning.

Today, I slept in and then went to the doctors to have a growth on the waist, front part of stomach and now cant do anything to rip the stitches for at least two weeks.

It was not a fun experience.  It’s like when I go to the dentist or have an injection and its like Im eight years old again and fear being poked and prodded and being cut up.

Although the GP injected three areas around the growth with a local anesthetic, the sensation of the cutting and stitches, was not really to my liking.  There were a couple of areas that the anesthetic didnt quite reach, which quite uncomfortable!

It is now quite sore and will be taking a drug with codeine in it at night time for the discomfort.

Good news, I will live 🙂


This does not mean I cant do all of the challenges, I think I could do the crunches, but probably not the sit ups or push ups, until next month.


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