book one – the beast

Last year from the end of september, I managed to read about one book per week.

I will see if I can do the same this year.

I have just finished this weeks book called “The Beast – A Journey Through Depression” by Tracy Thompson.

It took me a good chapter (about 50 pages) to get into it and when I did, it was a great read and couldnt put it down.

I could relate to quite a lot of how she was feeling.

I was relieved to find out that if I can contain my depression, that my energy will come back at some point.  Energy is not something I have had for many years.  My depression and anxiety saps it all up.


To others, Tracy Thompson was an attractive woman and an outstanding journalist, with a rewarding career and a wealth of friends. But beyond that facade was a woman who struggled with episodes of bleak depression. The Beast, as she later cam to call it, began stalking her during a girlhood spent in the traditional South of the 1960s and followed her during a into a busy newspaper career. Over the years the Beast undermined her love affairs, drove her into interminable rounds of “talk therapy’, and resisted all her efforts to understand her periodic descents into despair. in 1990, just as her career took a leap forward with a new job at the Washington Post, the Beast reappeared with a vengeance – and she found herself in the worst free-fall yet, a patient in a locked psychiatric ward under 24-hour suicide watch. Now, with unsparing honesty, she tells the story of how she came to terms with the common mental illness, and how she began to fashion a new life of work,love and ordinary happiness.



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