the off switch

I really wish I knew where this was!

I laid in bed for ages last night and my mind would not switch off.

This happens on a regular basis.

Lucky for me I dont have to go to work today.  Although when this happens I seem to wake up early too.

Does anyone know where the off switch is or how to turn it off without the switch???

I dont know if it is a feature of depression or not.  I know it can be.

I had too many days off over the last couple of years due to this.  It would cause high anxiety and I couldnt go to work.

One day I woke up early after a night of this and went to work and I was OK, and now I can go to work with little sleep.

Im not sure why on that day I was able to jump this hurdle, but what a relief that I did, so I dont have to take a day off work.

Now I just have to work on leaving the house not being so exhausting and draining.


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