what to do

I have been interested in writing a book for quite a while, but have a foggy brain and no motivation.

Im trying to decide if I should enrol in an online writing course next year, but also wondering will I have the motivation to do it.

A psychologist I saw a few times this year believes I have PTSD from the two armed robberies I was in, in 2006.

Due to this I have made my world smaller by cutting out activities I used to do eg. fencing, going out, parties, and not leaving the house much, so as to feel safe.

Home is my safe place.  I wish I never had to leave it, EVER.

A result of doing this is making my mind bored and is partially the reason I am depressed.

She told me of a PTSD clinic at one of our universities and I have been on their waitlist for a few months.

I have my initial appointment in January to see if I meet the criteria to be able to do the program.

I have bought a couple of books online about writing.  Maybe if I can motivate myself to read those, maybe I can motivate myself to the do the online course.



3 thoughts on “what to do

  1. Hi Kat, great to see a post from you! 🙂
    Motivation is a really hard thing especially if you have a tendency to start something and not finish it, actually that’s me!! Hahahaha
    I think it’s a great idea especially if you want to stay at home. I think our homes are our sanctuary especially to people suffering with any kind of illness etc. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, hugs Paula xxxx

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