i have such a crap memory

Im currently tapering down from 200mg of Pristiq by 50mg every five days and when I get to 50mg, I am to add 25mg of Allegron and up by 25mg every week, until I get to 150mg.

Trouble is, I was to go down 50mg on Saturday and Im struggling to remember if I should be at 150mg or 100mg.

I THINK I took 100mg on Saturday and 150mg today, but probably should have been 100mg, as Im pretty sure I went from 200mg to 150mg last Monday.

My mind is so foggy.

Lucky for me, I can still find my way home, drive and remember how to do my job when Im at work.

Im not sure how I remember to do anything.

Im not sure what the cause of my crap memory is either.

Stress/Anxiety? Medication? Depression?

I wish I did know, so I could rectify it and my memory would be as good as it used to be.

It is because of my memory, that I dont do technical courses anymore, because I cant study and/or remember things to do the exams.

If I could, I would have been a lot further in my career by now.



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