last night

Kitty has been unwell again lately.

He has some kind of stomach gastro, which makes him throw up dark, grainy globs of stuff.

He had a blood test and am waiting for the results to find out what it is.

This made me quite stressed last night, as he has been noticeably flat the last few days.

About the only thing that makes me cry is when he is unwell and I am worried he might die.

I dont want to have to live without him, as I love him so much.  Maybe too much???

I cant believe how much more I love him the longer I have him.

He is 13.5 years old now and we seem to get closer as time goes by.  He follows me around everywhere and lately became a lap cat, which is somewhere he has never seemed to like sitting.  He has always like to sit close to my side.

He is getting soft in his old age and I love it.

So, I found it hard to get to sleep because I couldnt stop crying and had to get up to stop me thinking about what I would do if something happened to him.

So I slept late and was woken up with breakfast in bed by bf (first time in nearly eight years!). He said it is the second time, but it must have been SO long ago, I have no recollection of it.

I think the stress has made my stomach play up today as well.

It is 7pm and I am still in my PJs.  So quite a lazy day and nothing constructive was done.

Although, my kitties have been sitting with me most of the day, which I love.

Bless their furry, little socks 🙂


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