Black Dog Institute – Part 2

I went back to the Black Dog Institute (BDI), as clearly Pristiq is only partially working for me.

It got rid of the “black thoughts” of death and suicide, which were constant.  I only very occasionally have them now, but would never do it, as I wouldnt want to leave my kitties. They wouldnt understand where Mummy was, and I can tell them love me dearly and I love them dearly.

It also kicked Anxiety’s ass out of my life too.  No more panic attacks and only mild anxiety in certain, random situations.

A saw a psychologist a few times and they suggested going back to BDI and she also advised that I was still suffering from PTSD, caused by the two armed robberies in 2006.  She suggested I sign up for a course held by UNSW uni, who do a PTSD clinic course.

I have an initial appointment with them in January, 2014 to see if I meet the criteria for their course.  I also suggested Bf do this too and he is seeing them in January as well, to see if he meets the criteria.

BDI psychiatrist suggested I change my medication to Allegron.  I really hope this makes my mood happier and more positive and it kicks my motivation back in.

The fun will begin this week, when I taper off my current medication and into the new.  Here’s hoping I can say good bye to depression, at least for a while.  I really need a break.


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