We had a little sleep in, did some things around the house.

At about 1pm we went over to a friends house to let their dog Lola out for a wee and hung around a bit, so she didnt feel too abandoned.

After that we went to BBQ/drinks party and their second anniversary together.  A couple of girls we know from fencing.  We hung out there for a couple of hours and then were off to catch up with another group of friends, that we dont get to see much anymore.

A few of the boys used to be in a band together and used to play live regularly and that is when we all got to catch up.  Since the band split over a year ago, we dont get to see each other as much.

They are all starting to breed and we soon will be the only ones without two legged kids.  One of the couples also has kitties and will have their first baby next month.  Mum asked me how my kids were, as she probably gets all the baby talk was not something we could really add to, but kitty talk was more our thing.

After 2 -3 hours, we went back to the anniversary BBQ and had a few drinks with them until about 9.30pm and then went home.

I went to bed, as I was tired and TV bores me these days.  There is nothing worth watching.

All in all it was a good Sunday and nice to catch up with different people.


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