big clean up day

Today at work we had a big clean up.  Our compactus and store room were full of old equipment, manuals, books, CDs etc.

The boss organised it.

It was surprising how many people did not want to help, but they wanted the pizza the boss bought for those who did help.

A lot of people these days only seem to be concerned with themselves and dont want to help others.  So sad.

I cant believe how much crap there was.  Most of it would have belonged to people who did not work here anymore and some of it was at least ten years old.

We filled so many general rubbish bins and recycible bins and so much old equipment was taken down to the loading dock to be picked up.

So much landfill and trees!

We dont think the cleaners and rubbish guy/s will be very happy when they see all the crap they will have to get rid of 😐

So now I am waiting for bf to pick me up and we are supposed to be going to fencing.  He has to wait for the workshop manager to enter something into the system, so he can then do something in the system, so he can get commission this month.  He is a bit grumpy because it has been left to the last minute and he has to stay back at work for an hour.

I am so glad I dont have to worry about commissions.

It doesnt look like we will be going to fencing.

Oh well, we can do a catch up class.

Hopefully he can pick me up soon or tell me Im better off catching a bus.

Have a great evening all 🙂



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