xmas & new years

I guess I had a break from blogging as well as work over the Xmas/New Year break.

Work asked us all to have two weeks off and it was a much needed break for me.

bf was working through this period, except for the public holidays, so I got a lot of me & kitties time.

I didnt achieve much, if anything, but I think that was what I needed.

I slept a lot, watched movies and did things around the house.  I hardly ever left the house, unless we had something planned with friends.

Santa was good to us.  My new Kindle Fire is great and bf loves his new light sabre.  He is such a “man child” at heart.

bf ‘s grumpiness continued until we had a talk.  He told me the “little things” I did that annoyed him.  It took a bit of encouragement to get it out of him, but it was good to know, so I dont do them anymore and  make him grumpy.  They were only “little things”, but I get that “little things” can hit a nerve, so they were easy things to rectify.  If he never told me I would keep on doing them and annoy him more.

Since that chat, the old bf is back.  What a relief!  I hope it stays this way, because we generally never argue and get along quite well and make each other laugh with the silly things we do.

But the holidays came to an end 😦 and am now back at work.


5 thoughts on “xmas & new years

  1. ohh….a Kindle Fire … I only have an old one … it does not have a touch screen. But I love it and I am glad you are liking yours.

    As for the bf and talking things through … that is good. Hopefully the talk was a two way thing yes?

    Now … as to back to work … we must just have to look forward to the next holiday!

  2. Kindle’s are a great idea whether they are touch or not. I only started reading Kindle books in the last half of last year on my iPhone, so it is nice to have a bigger screen. The chat with bf took some encouraging to be a two way chat. I had to ask him not to play with his iPhone. It was well worth the encouragement.
    And yes back to work and hopefully it is a great year for us all. 🙂

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