my depression

I am happy to say that my depression left me towards the end of 2012 and hasnt come back.

I cant remember when it lifted, but I am very relieved.

It makes such a difference.

That was when I realised that my energy levels werent related to my depression and that something else was not working properly.

When I read some of your blogs and see that you are still struggling, I wish I could tell how I got rid of my depression, so yours would go away as well.

I dont know how long it has gone for if it will come back, as it has come back a few times and this last bout was about two and a half years.

Fingers crossed it never comes back or at least I get a good break from it, so I dont have to struggle with life so much.

The only positive of experiencing depression, anxiety and panic attacks, is it has made me more aware of what other people are going through and more understanding of people in general.

So I want to help others with similar issues, as I know about the stigma from those in society who have been lucky enough not to experience what we go through, so therefore thing we are all a bit crazy.

I do my Induction Course for  Compeering early February and then at some point St. Vincents will find someone suitable and I can become there companion and hopefully help them get back into society.  Most of the people that are in this program suffer from Schizophrenia or Bi Polar.  I will keep you updated on my Compeering.



12 thoughts on “my depression

  1. So glad that the depression has lifted!! 🙂 You are doing a great thing with the compeering, should be very proud of yourself! 🙂 Hope the depression doesn’t come back. Hugs xxx

  2. I’m so happy for you that you are experiencing relief!! It’s important for those of us who suffer from depression to also share our happiness and victories with each other. Can you explain a little what the compeering is about?

    • I agree. It is good for us all to see that there is hope, especially when we are struggling and cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have put up a new post explaining the compeer program. I found out about it on a volunteer website. It seems not many peopel of aware of it. Kat 🙂


    That is GRAND good news Kat. I am soooooo glad that you are now doing better. And that you are now looking to help others is just an incredible thing. Way to go YOU!!!!

    I myself am a lot better these days. Cured? I don’t know … is one ever cured of something like that? At the moment … life is feeling good to me.

    Ohh … perhaps after a bit you can change your blog name! EscapedTheDarkness. Nod nod nods.

    • It is such a relief to get a break from being drained by depression. Im glad you too are getting a well deserved break. Cured? I agree, not so sure. It has come back more than once before. We will just have to make the most of the break and enjoy it. It will be interesting to go back and read my blogs from the dark days. Ive never had a diary to go back and see how bad it was. I have finally escaped the darkness!!!

  4. So glad to here you overcame it, I hope one day I can do the same I’m sure its an amazing feeling to feel like yourself again!

    • Even though it only been the last few weeks that “my depression” lifted. It is such a relief. It was so draining. It will be interesting to go back and see how I was feeling in my dark days when I started this blog last year. There is hope for us all. I hope you too get a well deserved break from it soon as well. Take care. Kat 🙂

  5. It is great that you are doing better currently:) You probably already did this, but maybe while you are on this ‘break’ you can learn some coping methods to help when it might come back. It can make things so much easier and feel more capable to over come the darkness that covered and tormented you for so long. I don’t know you pretty much at all but I am so glad you were able to fight through depression. You are strong and it shows!

    • It would be a good idea to go through some coping mechanisms again. This isnt the first time depression has been in my life. It has happened a few times. Thanks for the great idea. Kat 🙂

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