the first step

I finally had my interview for the Compeer volunteer job.

The lady was really nice and it seemed to go well.

The next step for them is to do a police check, but as I already work for Government I have had one before, so that should not be an issue.  I dont think I have broken law since 🙂

Next February I do an Induction Course for 1 day.

When they find someone compatible, I have to meet their therapist and then if all that goes well, I meet the person.

Most people who require a “friend” have been struggling with Bipolar and Schizophrenia.  I read a few blogs here that are written by people with Bipolar and read a few autobiographies as well, so am more familiar with this.  I will have to read up on the Schizophrenia a bit more.

A very long process, which will make sure that all goes well.

There is also a Suicide Awareness course I could do next year, which sounds interesting.  It will be interesting to see it from the counseling side rather than the person thinking about it.

Should all be very interesting.



4 thoughts on “the first step

  1. Hi Kat! Never heard of this, so checked your link out. What a great thing your doing! Having Bipolar means your a little different from the Norm, but not in a scary freaky kind of way! *smiling* In fact we are very playful and excitable little beings!
    Then of course as you would be aware…the down and can’t be bothered shut yourself away days!
    Always be honest and upfront with the person you be friend. I hate being molly koddled. *smiling* So, your having a bad day? right! so what do you feel like doing? Nothing! come on we have to do something, even for just a little while!
    Yip! that’s what it sometimes takes! *laughing*
    Luckily for you, these people are probably dying for some companionship! You will feel so rewarded and be giving back to the community! I volunteered with old people for 8 months, but stopped due to many things on at the time! Your a wonderful person for doing this! *hugs*…….Paula x

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