low thyroid symptoms

How Many Symptoms Of Low Thyroid Do You Have?


Many people don’t realize the extent that the thyroid can control you. Just have a look below at this list of symptoms of low thyroid:





I have highlighted the ones I have.

Memory Problems
Depression – has improved with my new medication
Trouble Thinking Clearly
Swelling of Tongue
Sleepiness– has improved with my new medication
Fatigue – has improved with my new medication
Dry Skin and Brittle Nails
Dry Cracked Heels
Muscle Weakness
Loss of Sex Drive
Heat Intolerance
Excessive Hair Loss
Thinning Eyebrows
Hoarse voice
Constipation – has improved with eating Sultana Bran everyday.
Easily Startled
Insomnia – has improved with my new medication
Irregular or Heavy Menstrual Periods
Muscle Cramps  – I have started taking Magnesium at night, so my leg cramps have subsided.
Weight Gain
Inability to tolerate cold
Inability to tolerate heat
Snoring – bf hasnt told me I dol

While you may not have all of these symptoms at once, if your thyroid is left untreated you could experience most of these eventually. If you have been experiencing as many as 3 or 4 of these problems on a regular basis, I would highly recommend that you go have your blood work done.

This disorder affects approximately 13 million people around the world and it is believed that the numbers are much higher than this. Many more people are simply undiagnosed. so it could very well be the reason behind your sluggish days of feeling bad. Just pick out two off this list and that makes for a rotten day, can you imagine the way it feels to have more symptoms.

Information was found at http://www.squidoo.com/symptoms-of-low-thyroid#module29546092



2 thoughts on “low thyroid symptoms

  1. OMG! I have so many of those symptoms, but I was checked earlier in the year and they said everything was fine! *shrugs* Glad I’m not the only one.. not having sex!!
    *laughing*……Paula x

    • They checked my levels as well and I was in the “average” bracket which is acceptable, but I asked the doctor if I could try anyway. He said yes, as it cant do any harm and I should notice a difference in a couple of weeks if it is going to help.

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