Hello lovely fellow blogees

I have been terribly neglectful of late.  I dont have any really great excuses.

Ive been very unmotivated to anything, but work, sleep, watching TV on my laptop and hanging with my kitties.  Oh and dragging myself to fencing once a week.  I couldnt even do that on Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed.

I have even been very slack at reading your blogs.

Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unmotivated to anything.

Other than than Im feeling OK.  The depression has been minding its own business and leaving me alone most of the time.  bf on the other hand has been a grumpy ass!

He found a packet of cigarettes on the window sill and they were a brand I dont smoke normally.  When I get a bit merry, I sometimes smoke and probably bought them at a pub.  I dont even remember when they are from.  It must have been ages ago!

Because of this he is suspicious that I am cheating.  I mean really!  I can barely get myself out of bed, let alone find another man to cheat with.  I’d rather lick the back stairs.  It would require a lot less energy and Im a bit of a germaphobe, so that is saying something.

He also cracked the poos because I wanted him to try and change a doctors appointment by just ringing up and asking, so I wouldnt have to have a day off.  He said it made him feel like I thought he was worthless and not having a day off was more important.  Not what I meant at all.

I kinda hurts that he would think I think that low of him and that I would cheat on him.

I told him that there are times he goes to product launches and goes out with the boys that I could think that, but I take his word for it that he wont cheat.  That’s all I have, is his word and I trust him on that.

So I hope you’re all well, I know some of you wont be.  Hugs to everyone that wants or needs one.

I will try to motivate myself and keep you up to date and read what’s going on in your life.



3 thoughts on “neglect

  1. Morning Kat! *waving* nice to hear from you! I understand how your feeling as I’m feeling a little low today. Can’t be bothered to do anything! but I have NO choice. Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve got things i have to do at home and at our country property. I feel like just laying in bed:) my mood will swing back, just have to not race around like some mad women! Otherwise I’ll fall into a heap! *laughing*
    OMG! Really? he thinks your cheating because you have a different brand of cigarettes? Poor guy! once a guy starts thinking that way, it’s hard to get them to see reason! Love the fact you would prefer to lick the stairs! *lol ……Paula x

  2. HUUGGSS to you Kat.

    And if you have been lax on blogging of late do not overly stress out okay. The blogging should not become a chore … should be fun … a release … a distraction too at times. But not a chore. Even if you can’t read or catch up … shhhhhh … just make sure you take care of you first.

    On the lack of motivation … do you think it’s the time of year thing happening? At any rate, it is good to hear that the depression has been kept at bay a bit nod nods.

    Sends you another hug … and thinks good thoughts for you.

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