I have been MIA lately.  We went on our mini break to Hawks Nest at Port Stephens and last week, I felt completely exhausted and my body ached all over like I had been running marathons.  I felt like I was about 90 years old.  All I can manage is getting out of bed and making it to the couch.

I went to the doctor and discussed this with him and after reading a couple of books re amino acids and food that can help your mood an energy levels.  The doctor has given me a low dose low thyroid medication.  He said if this is the issue, as I have a lot, if not all symptoms pointing to it, I should feel a difference in about a week.



I actually asked for the medication.  I told him I had a thyroid blood test and my level was normal, which is between a certain range.  I told him that I didnt believe that the “normal range” was good for everyone and he agreed that it was worth a try.

So this has kept me house ridden most of the week.  These symptoms are with me more often than not and are getting in the way of work and life.  Im hoping the medication my doctor has given me do the trick. It would be awesome to have some energy.  I cant remember what it feels like and maybe it will give me some much needed motivation as well.




2 thoughts on “m.i.a

  1. Welcome home Kat (though I know you have been home a few days now).

    I hope you are feeling better … but you mentioned it might take a week … so I will be watching to see how you are coming along. For now … *hugs*

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