garden progress

Well we have managed not to kill  all the plants in our first small planter boxes.  Only the lettuce didnt make it.  The baby spinach, Im not sure if it dead or clinging on to dear life and will sprout some more leaves.

We also put in some bigger square planter boxes in the garden downstairs in the backyard.  Here are some pics of their progress.  The catnip/grass & mint are doing OK when Morpheus doesnt pig out on them.  The herbs are doing fine and the mini roma tomato plant is growing fast!

The two planter boxes we put in about two weeks ago.

And today, two weeks later.

We have mini cherry tomatoes, capsicum, mini capsicum, mini cos lettuce, small eggplants, chilli, beetroot, cucumber, zucchini and a watermelon.  It will be nice if most of them live and to have some fresh, homegrown vegetables.

And my babies hanging out in the backyard.



3 thoughts on “garden progress

  1. Now that’s what perseverance does for you? They grow and don’t die! *laughing*
    I’m terrible at looking after veggie gardens! So proud of you! Hope your weekend went well! ……Paula x

  2. Ohhhh … your tomatoes are looking wonderfully healthy nod nods.. and the planters on your balcony … is that rosemary in there too?

    And … cute little kitties too!

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