breakfast with a pelican

We went for a mini break to Hawks Nest, Port Stephens.

The weather was cool and overcast the whole weekend, so we were forced to stay indoors and relax, which we did.

Dinner at the restaurante where we stayed was good.

The highlight was breakfast at the Boatshed at Tea Gardens, as the breakfast was yummy and they had a resident pelican that hung around the cafe and made sure no other pelicans or seagulls invaded his territory.


on his way to our table

looking for food

a bird jetty up the road from the cafe


4 thoughts on “breakfast with a pelican

  1. Hi Kat. I absolutely adore Pelicans! I fell in love with them as a child after watching the movie Storm Boy. I cried my eyes out, *laughing* but loved the movie! …..Paula x

  2. Hi Kat!

    Sorry, I could not find where you originally asked me how to do the Sister hood of the world bloggers award.

    Here is the original link if you’re still having any troubles. 🙂


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