satisfying sunday

I had a nice sleep in. bf got up a couple of hours earlier and was surfing the net.

After a cup of tea, we got ready and went down to Surry Hills, bought a take away coffee and then walked over to have a look at the Orangutan Awareness Day.

It was a beautiful day to walk around.

It was very small, but was good to learn a little more about palm oil and what products to avoid.

We then went to Bunnings to buy some potting mix and some more veggies to try and grow in the backyard.

bf cleaned up the dead leaves in the backyard, so he could start building the planter boxes and putting them in a good place in the backyard.

We bought beetroot, capsicum, mini cherry tomatoes & capsicum, asparagus, cos lettuce, eggplant, zucchini and cucumber.

A couple of months ago, we bought two metal square planters about 90cm square and they arrived a couple of weeks ago.  bf put a big bag of potting mix in each and planted them all.

He enjoyed doing this and was very satisfied afterwards.  Let’s see if we can keep them alive.

I will post some pics when I am at home of the herbs and plants that we planted 2 – 3 months ago.   The tomato plant is starting to show mini roma tomatoes!  Very exciting!

I will also post some pics of our new big planter pots in the garden, so you can see the progress in the future if they live.

While bf was doing that I moved some shelves out of the lounge room and into the hallway near the bedroom and front door.

There is now more space in the lounge room and it looks so much better with the cafe table and chairs at the wall where the bookshelves were.

Whilst doing this I was able to dust and give the area a good spring clean, which it needed.

We have a friend coming on Thursday to house sit, so bf and I can go to Port Stephens for four days for a break from the rat race called Sydney.

This is where we are staying in the bottom left hand corner and how close it is to the beach 🙂

I hope the weather is good so we can spend time at the beach, relax and swim.


4 thoughts on “satisfying sunday

  1. I love Sydney…to visit! *smiling* I’m sooo not a green finger, but I try!
    I recently planted some veggies at our property and they lived! *laughing* every week I couldn’t wait to see how much they had grown.
    You are definitely sounding in a better place right now! Do you think you are?
    My fingers are crossed for swimming weather for you. …..Paula x

  2. Ohhhh … I want to see the veggie photos when you take them nod nods….and…whether the weather is nice or not…it’s a mini vacation yes? I hope you have a great time.

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