my so called life

Last week a fellow blogger mentioned a TV show called My So Called Life.

I downloaded it and started watching it on Friday after work.

AND I kept watching it until 4am Saturday morning, so clearly I like it.

Not only does it have Claire Daines in it.  It has the mouth watering Jared Leto in it.  Swoooooooooon!  He is soooo pretty.

feel free to lick your screen 😛

This TV show is from 1994/95.  I didnt even know who Jared Leto was back then, but Im sure my mouth would have water back then if I did.

Saturday consisted of mainly sleep.

I didnt go to fencing because my stomach was playing up and I was feeling quite nauseous as well.  We were going to see a friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s band, but we decided to stay in and have a quiet one.


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