a new week

Monday started off with a surprise at work.

One of our contractors couldnt be renewed due to budgetry reasons, so I asked if I could act up in the position that was now free.  I asked our Director this last week.  I also mentioned  a few weeks ago, to our Director that I was bored and missed the challenge I used to feel at work, since our previous Management (that have all left), gave all the interesting work to the contractors.

JG has been acting in the Director’s position for a few months now and she is soooo much better than the last two previous people in that job. It is probably just a coincidence that she is better and is a woman as well 😛

JG called me into her office on Monday morning and advised that the spare position in our team was being moved to the Desktop Support team as a Team Leader position and wanted to know if I wanted to act in the job and set up the second level support as it should be, as I have worked in both Level 2 & 3 and know what tasks they should be doing.  To do more and train them in the tasks they should be doing that the Level 3 team are currently (my current team) are doing.

It will also give me the experience, so when the merger between us and other justice departments takes place (one day!) that I will have the experience to apply for a Team Leader position.

So that was a good start to the day and week!  A promotion and a bit more money 🙂

Last night I did my catch up fencing class, as I missed Saturdays.  I did my lesson with the new imported Scottish fencing teacher.  He seems really nice and a good teacher too.




19 thoughts on “a new week

  1. Hey Kat! *yeah* a new position!!
    Did it give you a new spring in your step and made fencing more enjoyable?
    I love change it keeps things mixed up and gives a new lease on life! …..Paula xxx

  2. Wooo hooo ….congratulations on the job upgrade. Mondays can have little surprises yah!!!

    *Raises my epee with you and shouts* ..”All for one and….errrr…All for Kat!!!”

    Uhm, okay, so I really don’t have a sword thingy … but sends the sentiment just the same. *smiles*

    (And waves at Paula just above me … *wave wave*)

      • Hey Kat! Just go to my blog and check out the post and it will tell you what to do?
        if you have trouble still, send me a note and I’ll see what I can do! I love the thought of women supporting each other. It’s the nicest award. …….Paula x

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