fencing, no fencing?

I am so unmotivated I feel like giving fencing up.

It is such an effort to drag myself by the hair to go fencing or anywhere for that matter.

Does anyone know of a motivation fix.  Maybe a pill like in the movie Limitless.

Now that would be awesome, because then I could remember things and study too.


11 thoughts on “fencing, no fencing?

  1. OMG! that movie was so cool!..Pill Anyone??? “yes please!”
    *laughing*.. Maybe take up something different for now? Art,singing,musical instrument, a group that gets together once a week for coffee! If you can’t find one maybe you be the one to advertise! There’s so many like minded people out there feeling just like you! It’s terrible that your still feeling so low:(
    Getting motivated right now is probably your biggest killer! ….thinking of you,Paula x

  2. I recommend watching the fencing scene (well, actually the whole movie) from the Princess Bride – its funny, and ridiculous, and the movie should get you laughing — even if it’s the 50th time you have watched it. I am going fencing tonight, even tho my knee is killing me – hope you can go to your class too !

  3. Hmmm…can we grab your epee and poke, poke, poke you to go?

    *grins* ….would not do that of course!

    How about…if you go, you can make a blog about it! If you do well in class, then yahhh…you will have a fine story to tell us. If it does not, then perhaps you can find the humor in it?

    At any rate, I think you are pretty cool to take fencing … I mean really…talk about your awesome conversation starter! *Smiles*

      • What? Oh … you are responding to Low Carb Jabberwockey nod nods lol.

        Still…you have not seen the Princess Bride? OMG … go watch it. Yes, the fencing portion is sooooo good. But so is the WHOLE movies. It is definitely on my top 3 best movies of all time! *smiles* (It is said that it is a movie with something for everyone … romance, adventure, giants, comedy, seriousness, and just a GREAT story nod nods.)

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