30 day vegan easy challenge

Animal Liberation Victoria is challenging you to go vegan for 30 days. There are many benefits to becoming vegan including saving the lives of many animals, greater health and having a much lighter eco-footprint. It really is the lifestyle choice to make.

Ive been thinking about doing this challenge.

We dont eat meat at home very often, we substitute meat with eggs, beans etc.

I dont know what I would substitute for eggs.

I dont like the idea of eating meat, which I dont miss eating much of anyway.

And I know a lot of animals that produce dairy products are very mistreated.

I cant read articles or look of pictures of animals in these conditions because it makes me cry.

My Mum didnt like me watching Lassie movies when I was young because I used to cry so much.

I have such a soft heart for animals.

More info about the challenge :

The Vegan Easy Team will guide you with regular emails, every four days, suggested meals from our delicious 30 day menu and great vegan tips. You can even request your very own vegan mentor! Check out our Facebook page – it is filled with photos of our meal ideas that will tempt and inspire you.

Additionally, VeganEasy.org is our comprehensive online guide for your 30 day journey into veganism, beginning with:

www.vegguide.org – online community-maintained, worldwide guide to veg & vegan restaurants, grocers, and more.

www.happycow.net – online service listing veg & vegan restaurants and stores from around the world.

In taking the Challenge we encourage you to follow a vegan diet, meaning a fully plant-based diet that excludes all animal products including meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey as well as other animal ingredients such as gelatin. We also encourage you to switch to cruelty free products in all areas of your life, such as personal care, beauty, fashion and household.


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