Some great healthy ideas

simple cherishes

Having read about Kris Carr and her wellness revolution and having viewed her “a peek at her plate” video, I am particularly hooked by her green juices which she drinks 3 times a day!  According to her, if there is one thing you can do consistently to improve your health, it will be drinking green juices and/or green smoothies regularly.

What are the differences between the two and the pros and cons?  Juicing allows your body to absorb the nutrients faster given the removed pulp but the juicer can be expensive and a ton to clean up.  Smoothies include all the plant fibre and often some nut milk or banana which can be more filling and can be processed in a blender which is relatively cheaper, but the body needs to work harder to absorb the nutrients.

What I really like about green juices and smoothies are that you…

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